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  • Expensive or Cheap Country?

Iran is not a super cheap country so Do Not go there with 100 Euros and think that you can live there for ages! but for a smart traveller it is not really expensive.

Because of complicated economic issues like sanctions and the dropping of Iranian currency, traveling to Iran right now will turn not expensive. It mostly depends on the exchange rate, by since now euros, dollars and pounds are still strong compared to the Iranian Rial, try to visit Iran as soon as possible before things change too much.

transportation in the cities and between cities are very cheap because of cheap petrol price in Iran. 

Accommodation is not expensive and you have lots of choices so you can spoil yourself with a royal treat without spending too much, saving enough for your inevitable shopping spree.

  • Money, Exchange and Banking

Although Internal Iranian banking system is surprisingly advanced, But Owing to the United States sanctions they can’t have associations with foreign banks and credit companies So as a foreigner, you cannot access your personal funds from within Iran.

Iranian People use their own non-international Credit and Debit Cards but for Foreigners Iran is a cash-only country. but there are also good news!

  • Can I Bring cash to Iran? Can I change money in Iran? Which Currencies I can Change in Iran? Where to Exchange in Iran?

You have to carry with you in cash enough money for all your foreseeable travel expenses when you entering Iran. You can Easily change many currencies including Euro, United State Dollar, British Pound, Australian Dollar, Japaneses Yen, Chinese Yuan, Russian Ruble, Turkish Lira and Malaysian Ringgit  in money exchange offices which you can find everywhere in the city centers, airports and terminals. The exchange rates are quite fair and most of them do not ask for any commission. There are also places or people who unofficially deal Bitcoin.

  • Can I use Iranian Banks? Should I carry all my cash?

You can also change your money at Banks but the rates are totally different. But in many banks specially in "Tourism Bank" Branches you can ask for Debit Cards (also can be called Gift Card) for almost free. So you don't need to carry all your cash when you travelling there. Fortunately, Iran is a very safe country and things like mugging, pick-pocketing and robbery are rare in Iran, which helps ease the anxiety of carrying around cash.

  • How I can use my ATM credit card in Iran? Can I use Visa or MasterCard in Iran?

Your ATM card will be utterly useless, your credit card will be useful only if you wish to buy a Persian carpet from a relatively large dealer, which will run you several hundred to several thousand dollars (they process payments through Dubai).

  • What Should I do if i ran out of money in Iran? How I can find some Money in Iran?

If you run out of Money or want to extend your trip in Iran or in case of emergency Do Not Panic or Do Not Ask the money changers for wiring money. you can call the following numbers and ask them to Help you:

Rial and Toman; Big Zeros Headache!

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